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Native PLant Species
  • Native plants are already adapted to Vermont’s landscape and climate, which makes them ideal choices for gardens across the state.

  • Native species also out-perform “exotic” species in terms of stormwater management in Vermont.

  • To start, find out what native species your local garden store carries; the native plant list in the Deeper Dive section at the bottom of the page can help you figure out what to ask for!


Make the commitment to incorporate two or more native species on your property every year.

When managing your lawn, consider incorporating native species to improve water quality:

  • Native plants do not require much watering. This is because they have adapted to the Northeast’s rain patterns.

  • Native species are better suited to withstand droughts and floods. This is due to deeper, more extensive and adapted root systems.

  • Natives are more resilient when faced with local insects or diseases. They do not need any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides since they are adapted to the local environment. This is much healthier for both humans and waterways.​

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